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ifferent between technology & engineering?

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ifferent between technology & engineering?..

Answer / guest

technology is based on the extra features

engineering means application folled by the process

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ifferent between technology & engineering?..

Answer / a.r.fayas basha



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ifferent between technology & engineering?..

Answer / sajeev

Engineering is application of science.
Technology shows varios methods of Engineering.
A bridge can be made by using beams to bear the load,by an
arc or by hanging in a cable; all shows different
technology but comes under civil engineering and science
applied is laws of force/load distribution.

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ifferent between technology & engineering?..

Answer / sarbjot singh sandhu

Engineering is concerned with Laws like Newton 3rd law is known to every one.
Technology means applied part of engineering. Using 3rd law we can develop a Rocket. technology is some times not known to everyone. We usually say that this technology has been taken from that country and we never say that engineering is taken from that country.

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