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What is the reason behind having a vertical exhaust system
in a tractor????

What is the reason behind having a vertical exhaust system in a tractor????..

Answer / saief ali shaik

In my view these are the following reasons for why the exhaust system of tractor is vertical
1.when the tractor is employed in agriculture operations when the exhaust system is employed horizontally there may be a chances of entering mud and water.
2.comming to the another consideration the manifold of exhaust system  is made of cast iron during the extreme working conditions when water falls on it breakage of manifold may take place.
3.when it is employed horizontally corrosion of harvesting equipments can be seen,the smoke fumes may cause damage to plants and crops.
4. Suffocation problems for driver may take place
5.when exhaust system is employed vertically they may be a chance of increasing torque of engine.

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