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in which direction real power and reactive power flow and

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in which direction real power and reactive power flow and why???????..

Answer / gajanan

if you are asking about induction generator then p flows
towards grid and Q flows towards motor. bcoz for creating
magnetic field motor require Q and after speeding it above
Ns it supplies p to grid.

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in which direction real power and reactive power flow and why???????..

Answer / raul

Active power flow is proportional to the difference in the
load angle from sending and receiving end. i.e. the active
power flows from the higher load angle to lower load angle.

And similary the reactive power flow is proportional to the
diffence in the voltage levels from the sending and
receving end i.e. the lagging reactive power flows from
higher voltage level to lower voltage level.

During ferranti effect, the lagging reactive power demand
is lesser than the generation and hence the receving end
voltage is higher than the sending end voltage, so the
lagging reactive power flows from receiving end to sending

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in which direction real power and reactive power flow and why???????..

Answer / ram

How will u control the direction of real and reactive power flow in power system?
pls anbody tell

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