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what is the difference between self excited & seperately
excited ?

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what is the difference between self excited & seperately excited ?..

Answer / san

self excieted in this type of generator field coil
excitisation voltage is tapped from armature.
seperately excited gen field coil is connected to
battery or exciter .

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what is the difference between self excited & seperately excited ?..

Answer / lokesh

Self exited does not require external power souce where as
seperately excited requires external power source for the

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what is the difference between self excited & seperately excited ?..

Answer / g.kiran kumar

for seperatly execited machines an external d.c source is
required to exicte the field coils to emmit the flux.where
in case of self exicted an induced emf induced by the
armature is supply to the field coils.(THERE MUST EXIST

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