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In Ferantti Effect Receiving end voltage is greater than
sending end voltage but how it is possible. I know its all
about charging current but give me some more detailed

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In Ferantti Effect Receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage but how it is possibl..

Answer / iamdon

The voltage at any end will be decided upon the value of
net reactive power at that end.In case of no load/light
load receiving end has capicitive effect,it means it will
draw leading current or supply reactive power at that
end.Since there is more reactive power at receiving end
hence voltage rises under no/light load condition.

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In Ferantti Effect Receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage but how it is possibl..

Answer / abhishek kunwar

at receiving end net reactive power is zero & go to leading
power factor.means it behave as light/open circuit.the 1/2LI^2
is converted to 1/2CV^2.means at open circuit
electromagnetic energy is converted into electrostatic
energy.therefore voltage rise up in receiving end is higher
than sending end.

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In Ferantti Effect Receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage but how it is possibl..

Answer / shubham

ans#1 is absolutely correct.
magnitude of voltage difference is related to Q
and phase angle difference is related to P.
since in long transmission line shunt capacitance come into
play which supply Q
vector summation of V(sending)and I(charging)*Z(line) gives
V(reciving)note that Vr and Ic are 90deg out of phase
because of shunt capacitance comming into play

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