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what is the difference between electronics and electricals?

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what is the difference between electronics and electricals?..

Answer / gaurang

basically electronics is related with semiconductor
&electrical is related with free electrons

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what is the difference between electronics and electricals?..

Answer / sai

Electronics refers to the flow of charge (moving electrons)
through nonmetal conductors (mainly semiconductors), whereas
electrical refers to the flow of charge through metal
conductors. For example, flow of charge through silicon,
which is not a metal, would come under electronics; whereas
flow of charge through copper, which is a metal, would come
under electrical.

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what is the difference between electronics and electricals?..

Answer / sonali

electrical" instruments deal with 'Analog' signals mostly
defined by the equations of classical physics. They
certainly obey Ohm's Law. Term 'Electrical' is associated
with the typical conception of Electric Field(E) which
exerts electric Force(F) on a charge particle(q) and it
produces electricity, Where F=qE.

But 'Electronic' instruments are made to deal
with 'Digital' signals. Analog electrical signal is changed
to Digital signals ( 0, 1). They are semiconductors devices
which never obey Ohm's Law and implemented with logic gates.

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