how to solve the incompatible objects and how they are
formed actually.

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how to solve the incompatible objects and how they are formed actually...

Answer / ramesh nakka

compatibility and incompatibility of objects can be set up
by making use of "aggregate navigation" in the unverse level.
this incopmatibility error will come in report level
---->1.when u r trying to take the objects from two
different contexts in the result pane
----->2.when u are using the objects from aggregate tables
u can sety up the compatibililty and incompatibility for the
objects.when u set up the this at universe level,if u are
trying to the take the different objects in the query this
errro will come

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how to solve the incompatible objects and how they are formed actually...

Answer / padmalatha0923

when we are creating hierarchies nthng but we created hierarchies for month,quarter, the report level while performing drilling wen we drag the year to the result pane then automatically it will show incompatible error

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