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Why in USA supply voltage parameters(230V,60Hz)are
different,is there any advantage please brief.

Why in USA supply voltage parameters(230V,60Hz)are different,is there any advantage please brief...

Answer / ankush miglani 09718151073

dear in actual wat happn in 19 and 20 century the t/fs and
m/c becoming very popular. these two gives the best o/p at
low frequencies like synchronous generators at 2hz fr.

bt now the transmission lines require high fr to transfer
the voltages without or at minimum loses.

so standards are defined
for high fr low voltage and for low fr high voltage
for a fr of 60 hz only 100-120 v is sufficient
and for 50 hz 200-240 v
some contries adopt the formal one while other adopt the
later one.

now see the case of japan in some area 60 hz is used while
in some area 50 hz is used
jisko jaisa convinient lga us contry ne wohi adopt kr liya

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