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How do you decide on the technology which is to be used to
execute a particular project?

How do you decide on the technology which is to be used to execute a particular project?..

Answer / ganesh

by making effective communication with customer,we find out
the exact problem defination.

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i was looking for a general example for time management and how everything is linked together so i can have a complete picture. when i say link i mean with OM and PA and work schedule,planned working time, other relevant infotypes, personnel area and subarea and their groupings, etc...

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why u choose mba after bca?

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Cisco vs HP vs IBM vs Dell

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Write a C Program to create a structured data file named Student.dat to store the roll no, name and course. Provide following functions: 1. Accept the values from the user using structure variables. Store the contents in a file. 2. Display the file. 3. The user should be able to add new records to the existing file. And display the new file.

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List the employee numbers and salary of all current employees who earn more than the employee number 16. In each row show both the employee's salary and the salary of employee 16.

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purpose of assigning Field Status Variant to Company code??

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what is the difference between BI and pervasive BI?

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wahat ae technical terms associated with the Oracle modules. example - HR related - HRMS or HCM

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What is the difference between product based and service based IT companies?

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what is proxy?

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a. Explain the three (3)  Facets of Supply Chain b. Explain the work of logistics c. Explain the three (3) description of customers d. Explain the importance of information technology in logistics

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What is Difference between Comprehensive AMC and Non- Comprehensive

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