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what is combined cycle & where it is used

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what is combined cycle & where it is used..

Answer / mahesh-lanco

Combined Cycle is the Operation of Plant with Gas Turbine &
Steam Turbine.It is usally in Gas absed Power Plants Or
Thermal.When Gas is used as fuel input to the Gas Turbine
it genartes Power(Mechanical Energy and it is given input
to Gas Turbine Generator And it convers mech energy to
electrical energy) by combustion of gas .This process is
called Open Cycle.As the Gas is Burned at very high
temperature the exhaust of GAs Turbine is also at high
temperature and this exhaust given to Heat Recovery Steam
generator(HRSG)as input.The main function of HRSG is to
convert Heat Input energy to Steam.The Output Steam of The
HRSG is fed to Steam Turbineas input and it generates the
power.The Power generated by the Steam Turbine is alomost
for free of cost as the Steam input is from the exhaust of
Gas Turbine only.

The Total Open Cycle(Gas Turbine)+Steam Turbine is called
Combined Cycle Operation of Plant.

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what is combined cycle & where it is used..

Answer / chaitanya pithawa

combine cycle is the combination of gas turbine cycle and
steam turbine cycle.

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