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How to calculate cement qty of M10, m20, m25 ?
I got the formula but I lost it.

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How to calculate cement qty of M10, m20, m25 ? I got the formula but I lost it...

Answer / shah sohail

M10 IS 1:3:6
Wet Dry Cocrete Is 1.52
Total Ratio =1+3+6=10
Cement Is 0.152*1440kg/cum=218kg=4.3Bags
Approx Cement Is 4 Bags.
Sand =0.456cum*35.32cuft/cum= 16cuft
Agg=0.912cum *35.32cuft/cum = 32cuft.

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How to calculate cement qty of M10, m20, m25 ? I got the formula but I lost it...

Answer / ekram urrab

e.g. 1::2:4 = 1+2+4 = 7 constant is 1.52 so 1.52/7=0.217 cum
of cement bags i.e. 0.217/0.034 = 6.38 say 6.4 bags or 0.217
x 30 = 6.5 bags of cement is used

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How to calculate cement qty of M10, m20, m25 ? I got the formula but I lost it...

Answer / jayaraaj.arumugam

Dear Friend,

in M10 grade ratio 1:4:8 using 40mm aggregate
*40mm agg - 1.52; 20mm agg - 1.57 volume of ingredient*

since 1+4+8 = 13
aggre - 8/13 * 1.52 = 0.935
sand - 4/13 * 1.52 =0.467
cement - 1/13 *1.52 =0.1169*1440=168.36/50 = 3.37 bags

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