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Why machines are avoided to work is saturation region of B-
H curve?

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Why machines are avoided to work is saturation region of B- H curve?..

Answer / iamdon

requirement as explained below.

The magnetising current is the amount of current required
to force the working flux into air gap and meet the core
loss.The magnetising current is directly proportional to B
(average).In the case of magnetic saturation,the value of B
becomes high.So we require more magnetising current to force
the same amount of working flux into the air gap.More
magnetising current is of course not desirable because it will
create heating problem.

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Why machines are avoided to work is saturation region of B- H curve?..

Answer / nithi

good answer.

High magnetising current leads to poor power factor & the
machine draws more current ,which increases losses (core
losses as well as copper losses) ultimately the system
insulation break down -total machine failure.

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Why machines are avoided to work is saturation region of B- H curve?..

Answer / iamdon

Thanks..Nithi for elaborating the answers


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