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generic values for:
• Maximum power
• Emission bandwidths and modulation types
• Frequency ranges, frequency stability, attenuation
of intermodulation products and selectivity
of a quadband dual simm chinese cellphone?

generic values for: • Maximum power • Emission bandwidths and modulation types • Frequency ..

Answer / ramu

2 tiger 73 lions

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is embeded technology is necessary for every electronics engineer?

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differnce between timer & counter

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Hello all, My self Chandra Sekhar.Are there any certifications are there in Embedded Systems. If there, please provide me the details. My Mail ID:

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3 girls are wearing 3 different colored outfits red,white,black.Each outfit involves dress of that color,matching socks&shoes.The girls decide to exchange their shoes such that each girl ends up with ! hoe each from the other two girls How many legs will u've to look at,to exactly know color of shoes on right&left leg of each girl?

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How to identify how many states the ripple counter is having by looking at the figure as it can also have some invalid states?

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processor of my PC is pentium dual core.. i want to know the configuration of my PC... pls send answer as soon as possible.

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The conjugate of complex numbers 3 + 2j is

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please guide me who to prepare for bel interview...

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Define cut off frequency?

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