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how can we find CT coil not working ?

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / naveen katinni

online measure the current
offline check the continuity

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / dinesh goswami

1. measring output current
2. check the coil resistance
3. Insulation resistance coil to earth

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / manish chaudhary

Short the secondary winding and check the current.If no
current found it means CT is FAULTY.

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / surya prakash

inject current to the primary side and measure the current
at secondary side....check the ratio...

measure IR /pI value....
measure the knee voltage of transformer...

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / pradeep kumar

no any type output from ct

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / amit

output is less then rated value.

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how can we find CT coil not working ?..

Answer / mrudang

check the DGA of OIL
check the PPM value
check the other gas value
check the IR value

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