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3 Core x 35 Sqmm Cable (How we measure 35Sqmm)

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3 Core x 35 Sqmm Cable (How we measure 35Sqmm)..

Answer / anas

Eg3C x 35SQMM
Each core is 35SQMM (Core Red , Yellow , Blue)

To measure the conductor SQMM as per below

From BS 6360 Show that : 7/2.52mm

7/2.52mm is per below ;
Single wire diameter : 2.52mm (Based on BS 6360)
Number of Strand : 7wires (Each wire is 2.52mm)


=(2.52mm)(2.52mm) x PI()/4 x Number of Wire (7)

= 34.9131 approximate 35SQMM

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3 Core x 35 Sqmm Cable (How we measure 35Sqmm)..

Answer / p. h. godavary

Cable size (area of each core) is normally specified in square millimeters
(sq. mm). In this case it is 35 sq. mm. The cable size is always printed / marked on the cable itself by the manufacturer.

The conductor in each core of power cables is normally made of multi strand circular wires (Copper / Aluminum ).

To measure the size/area of the conductor, measure the diameter of a strand in a core and calculate its area. Multiply this area by number of strands in a core.

If the diameter of a strand in mm is D,
then its Area = [&#8719;/4] [ DxD ] = [3.14/4 ] [DxD] Sq. mm.

Size of the cable (or) Cross sectional Area of a Core
= [Area of a strand x No. of strands in the core].

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3 Core x 35 Sqmm Cable (How we measure 35Sqmm)..

Answer / p.h.godavary

In my answer (Answer #2), I have used the Phi symbol in the 'Area Formula'. But I find the same is appearing scrambled.

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3 Core x 35 Sqmm Cable (How we measure 35Sqmm)..

Answer / ali

you are measure the one conductor size 35 sqmm cable in
micro meter than you give a size in squre and multiple by
pae multiple by number of conductor dividing by number of
core,you are give the any cable size.

for example. i measure the 4 core * 300 sqmm cable size

(2.5)squre x pae x 61 /dividing by number of core 4

you have size the cable

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