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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?

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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / guest


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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / pavan

oil is the best lubricant because it lubricates all parts which are made by electrons and mettalic serves as sa a self lubricant in high temperature.its serves as a incompressible component,

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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / karthick


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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / prabhu


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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / deva

OIL...bcoz oil withstand high Temperature...corrosion
resistance is high......water, air are used difference
application....from that its good lubricant

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Which is the best lubricant-air, oil or water?..

Answer / girish

Air is the best lubricant. It offers least intralayer resistance. But is poor in bearing & hence to be maintained under pressure.

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