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  • Amul interview questions (16)

Amul Interview Questions
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General Knowledge & Current Affairs Questions and Answers - Set 1

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Which brand/company uses the adline ?We know India Better?? 1 Max New York Life Insurance 2 LIC of India 3 Amul 4 Bajaj

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What is diversity factor and how to calculate it

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what is sales.

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what is job profie of sales executive in fmcg or in amul?

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What is primary sales & secondary sales?

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what is the Difference between CC & OD accounts

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9. State the difference between unilateral and bilateral tolerance

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10. What is difference between welding and brazing

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11. How much watt means 1 Hp

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12. What are the differences between IC & CI Engines

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13. What are the different types of fits

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14. What different types of Heat treatment processes and why heat treatment is required?

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15. What is the difference between first angle projection and third angle projection?

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Amul Interview Questions
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