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what is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?

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what is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?..

Answer / arul - mz

It is used to prevent cavitation. For a 80 MW power plant,
The BFP requires 10 KGf/ suction pressure for which u
have to place your DM tank & deaerator at 100 mtr., which
will incurr nore cost for the form to build the structure &
erect the piping.

To save cost without compromising on suction pressure for
BFP, we require Booster pump.... :-)

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what is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?..

Answer / indu

booster pump is used where high pressure is
required.normally onboard ships oil is feeded to ic engines
via a feed pump and a booster pump in conjunction.feed pump
draws oil from the oil tank and its discharge is connected
to the suction of booster pump to increase the pressure.
this is used when oil is supposed to be injected at a high
pressure into the general a screw pump is used as
a booster pump

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what is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?..

Answer / ahmed zaky

in power plant use feed water pump have very high pressure
must make net postive suction head for this pump which made
by small pump called booster pump to save the feed pimp
from cavitation.

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what is BOOSTER pump which is used in power plant?..

Answer / unemployed

booster punmp is used for booeting the wateri.e you know
about boostpower of energy funny means boosting jabardast

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