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what is screw pump

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what is screw pump..

Answer / adinarayana kopparthi

screw pump inside screw is there. this is used for heavy
viscosity fuel used this one.

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what is screw pump..

Answer / suresh

A pump that raises water by means of helical impellers in
the pump casing.

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what is screw pump..

Answer / a. parimala

crew Pumps - Wide Throat :

Screw Pumps - Wide Throat

TRANSFLOâ„¢ Progressive Cavity Screw Pumps are of single stage, horizontal, suction type. Our screw pumps are unparalleled in performance, trouble free and provide a long lasting field performance. All our pumps are designed and manufactured according to high industrial standards. It is easy to use and also high on quality with a performance guarantee. The transfer of liquids takes place smoothly due to its robust construction.

Accurately machined Rotors and Torsion free metal bonded Stator and double sealed universal joints along with shaft sealing by soft gland packing / mechanical seal ensures longer service life and improved efficiency.

Wide Throat Model pumps are mainly used for liquids which are slow moving, Semi Soild state liquids. Hopper type suction inlet allowing gravity flow of highly viscous material on to augur cum coupling rod pushing viscous substances into pumping cavity.

Standard Pumps are with Mild Steel Pump housing with alloy Steel rotating parts. Sanitary Model are having SS 316 contact parts. End connections are available in TRICLOVER / IDF / SMS Fittings.

Pumps Capacity available are up to 70 M3/ Hr & 24 Bar Pressure.
please visit :

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