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How EMF is generated in Thermocouple

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How EMF is generated in Thermocouple..

Answer / ankurjha

When two dissimilar metals are joined at two junctions, and
these junctions are subjected to different temperatures, a
potential difference develops across these junctions. This
gives rise to flow of current between two junctions. (As
per Seebeck). Voltage Difference induced, V= Seebeck Const*
(Temp difference) between the two junctions.
This is because the two dissimilar metals behave
differently to the temperature difference, thereby inducing
current flow in the loop.

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How EMF is generated in Thermocouple..

Answer / kul bhushan emecon controls

Because of Temperature difference between to ends of
Thermocouple EMF will generate.

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How EMF is generated in Thermocouple..

Answer / all

depending upon the temperature?

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