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how will you motivate the stockist to stock the excess
stock of the product

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how will you motivate the stockist to stock the excess stock of the product..

Answer / ramana

first of all we hav to give trust on us to stockiest i.e. explaining about sales team of that particular area and their strength and also extra benifits. the stockiest wants profits we hav to convience him like
if you sell beyond the target you will get extra margin than normal target.. and also our sales team will work hard to help you to sell the excess stock.

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how will you motivate the stockist to stock the excess stock of the product..

Answer / harshd

For motivate stockist regarding excess stock we have to
support like genrate extra order,making new outlets for
retail for him and tell him about current rate of the
product and told him if u book today we take old rate
otherwise company will increse the rate so pls take the
benifit of the rate and explain regarding Demand and supply
about the product. and explain about company

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