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whatis knee point ?

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whatis knee point ?..

Answer / sanjay jangra

Knee point is the term comes under current transformer (CT)
It is a point in the Curve of voltage and current where if
there is 10% increment in voltage then there will be 50%
increment in current. This point shows the saturation of CT
core. For Protection CT knee point will be high as for
metering CT it will be less to save the meters.

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whatis knee point ?..

Answer / anand

This point shows the saturation of CT

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whatis knee point ?..

Answer / suresh

if appling voltage on ct secondary gradually, if 10%
increase in voltage 50% of leakage current increase in that
voltage is called knee point voltage.

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whatis knee point ?..

Answer / raghavendran

Knee point refers to a point in the saturation curve drawn
between voltage and flux.It is drawn keeping Flux in the X
axis and Voltages in the Y axis.The Knee point falls below
saturation level.Till Knee point the Flux - Voltage relation
will be linear.After knee point,any increase in flux will
not cause proportional increase in voltages.

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whatis knee point ?..

Answer / ravi agrawal

A point beyond which 50% increase in forced function results in 10% increase in response

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