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What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?

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What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?..

Answer / karthick

mostly blades because if the dryness fraction of steam is
decreases then the steam becomes wet and that wetness
corrodes the blade.if the rotor of the turbine exceeds the
natural frequency then it may also cause damage to turbibe

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What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?..

Answer / krishnamurthy

steam quality in terms of dryness, presence of foreign
particles (if blowing was improper or any works taken up in
the steam pipe), silica content carried over in steam

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What are steam turbine parts usually come into damage?..

Answer / devanesan

1.Sealing parts like labrinth seal between moving and fix
blade and gland seal fins.
2. LP Turbine last stage blades loseness and damage due to
steam quality.
3. Bellows in LP Turbine.

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