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Answer / abhishek

ans for first q is 08311380

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Answer / guest

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1. If a date oct,02,2001 is written as 10022001(mmddyy),
Then which date before 01,oct,2000 gives the maximum valued
palindrome(the digits must be same when reversed) ?

(6 marks, 2 negative)


2. There are eight differen coloured eggs in a basket,
among them 23 are in red, 17 blue, 21
green, 18 yellow, 16 black, 12 white, 25 voilet.What is the
probability of getting atleast one pair of the same colour,
when you draw a least number?

(7 marks, 2 negative)


3. What is the number whose positive integer digits when
multiplied gives the maximum value and
added gives the exact 100.

(5 marks, 2 negative)

Ans:(2+2+........+50 times)=100, i.e 2 power 50.

4. In my garden the gross grows equally in every year. It
takes 24 days for the 70 cows to eat
and it takes 60 days for the 30 cows to eat. Then how many
number of cows can eat in 96 days?

(6 marks, 2 negative)

Ans:17.5 so considered as 18

5. In the investigation regarding one theft among the
suspects A,B,C one who is the thief always tells lies, the
helper to the thief tells both truth and lies , the other
fellow who is innocent always tell the truth. They made the
following statements

A: I'am a doctor B is a barber and C is the taxi driver.
B: I'am an employee of water works dept, A is the taxi
driver and C is the doctor.
C: I'am a lawyer A is a taxi driver and B is the doctor.

Who is the thief?

(7 marks, 2 negative)

6. In one country they prefer only boys to have. If it is a
girl in the first birth then there
must be the other child to have, if it is also a girl then
they will go for the next birth and
stops when they got the boy. Then what is the praportion of
girls to boys in that country?

(8 marks 2 negative)

Ans: (n+1)/2:1

7. While three friends Abe, Bob, Cort in a restaurent
taking thier snax one lady came and she
asked them how many children you have. One of them
replied "By looking at the total number of
children we have you can uniquely identify the no of
children I'am having" but she failed to
guess then he made the following statements
Abe is having atleast one girl and twice as many boys as
Bob is having atleast one girl and thice as many boys as
Cort is having three more than boys that he have girls.
The no of children they have is less than 25.
Who has replied to that lady and how many children he have.
How many total no of children they

(11 marks 2 negative)

Ans: Abe, and is having 3children (1G+2B),total is 12

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1] (7marks 2 -ve)
24 cows takes 70 days to graze, 60 cows 30 & 96 takes ?

2] (7, 2-ve)
probability of boys to girls, wher in a cmmunity every
family creates a child until they get a boy. once a borns
they stops. ans: 1:1

3] (5, 2-ve)
in a black box there r balls of 8 colors enough balls of
each color.
how many balls to pick up so that 2 pairs of same color
should be there as either 2 red & 2 blue, 4 yellow etc ans:

4] (5, 2-ve)
what is the max product which add up to 100 : ans cant
remember 2 rise to 34 etc...

5] (8, 2 -ve)
one logical question ( A, B, C, truth, false T/F) there in
ans: A was telling lie i suppose(cant remember plz check in
test) but it was quite easy, ucan do.

6] (5, 2-ve)
the date 10-02-2001 in mm-dd-yyyy format is palindrome.
they asked a date before 2nd oct. ans: 08-31-1380

7] (11, 3-ve)
logical quest no. of children ans: abe was telling,total no
of children are 19.

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| OnMobile Interview Questions

It was only mathematical+analytical , in other words like
infosys puzzle test.
8 questions(4+6+6+6+8+8+12) comprising 50 marks were there,
Yopu have to attempt those in 60 min.There was a provision
for negative marks.Questions were like this:

1] if we express 2nd october of 2001 like 10022001 ...we
will get an palindrome. What will be the nearest date,
previous to the above given, that will make a palindom.4

2]Avg velocity in taking a lap=150. in covering 2/5th is
123, in covering next 2/5th is 164....what is the avg.
velocity of the runner in covering last 1/5th of the lap?6

3]there r 97 teams.tournament follows elimination method.
gow many games??6

4] A starts walking towards B at noon. B starts towards A
at 2 oclock. they both meet at 5 past 4 and cover the
remaining distance in same time. At what time A reach B?? 8

5]white and black parrot r sitting in a telephone wire.At
least one from white and one from black.Color must repeat
after every 4 and 7 birds..
What is the max no of arrangement( i could do this)8

6]Russians girls foretells about their marriage by playing
a game.they take 8 grass blades hold by the girl whose
faith gonna decided. One girl ties at one end, each blade
with onther.Onother girl do the same at the other end.If
the grass form a ring without any break the girl will marry
a handsome guy very soon.!! calculate the chances of her

7]Ashley,jim,joe,and X says something. one statement is
wrong(i dont remember the statements)Fing the
thief.....Ash;ley 6 marks

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OnMobile Aptitude Questions | OnMobile Technical Questions
| OnMobile Interview Questions

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