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OnMobile Interview Questions
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ONMOBILE PLACEMENT PAPERS ------------- Placement Paper 2

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1.HttpSession 2.Hidden fields 3.URL Rewriting these primitive type of Session maintainance. What is the other type of process that could help to maintain the Session? pls Explain the process if u know?

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Why DOM Parser would take more Memory than SAX parser while they are parsing?

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what is the use of private constructor in core java?

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How can we See NTFS Partitions in Linux RHEL 5 plz give simple answer as possible

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How to know what are the packages required for any service? Example: How to know what are the package required for send mail services. using any command it is passable are not?

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A company contracts to paint 3 houses. Mr.Brown can paint a house in 6 days while Mr.Black would take 8 days and Mr.Blue 12 days. After 8 days Mr.Brown goes on vacation and Mr. Black begins to work for a period of 6 days. How many days will it take Mr.Blue to complete the contract?

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Make Heater Process Logic.


Explain the Proportionates of Ordinary concrete,Standard concrete,High Stength Concrete of Grades "M10,M15,M20" , "M25,M30,M35,M40,M45,M50,M55" , "M60,M65,M70,M75,M80" Respectively.


which property is used to change to some value to access a identity column in datacontrols?


How will you define org structure in MM?


What about the year gap criteria for HCL technology?


Prepare a trading account, profit and loss Account and Balance sheet form the following trail balance and other adjustments as on 31.12.2009 Adjustments: 1. Closing stock R 7060 2. Allow interest on capital at 6% p.a 3. Insurance prepaid Rs 60 4. Depreciate Building and furniture at 10% p.a. 5. Wages due Rs 40 6. Provide 10% RBD and 5% on debtors and creditors 4. From


Cello pen gross value is 935.89 for 12 nos 14.5% tax


hii this is ranjith from hyd... i want to know what type of questions they ask in interview...and hw the interview will go..? what subjects thay ask specially for electrical engg students?


how you can fix the known and unknown impurity limit for any drug substance


Between what parties does authentication happen when the client and the server communicate over SSL via Visibroker's Gatekeeper?


Please help me by providing the License key for QTP 9.2, at Best Regards Gururaj.B


write test cases on file open dialog box in notepad


give me a example of writing a test case,take any good example which i can understand easily.


why Lightning arrestor are made by 2 seperate stack of inslutor but why cvt are in single stack of insulator.


what is genetic competence and plasmid mediated transformation ?


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