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1.Difference between enthalpy & entropy?

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1.Difference between enthalpy & entropy?..

Answer / bapu chobe

enthalpy is the total heat contain in the system . it
depends only on system not on surrounding . while entropy
is the molecular dicorder. it is related with second law of
therodyanamics . efficiency decreares with increase in

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1.Difference between enthalpy & entropy?..

Answer / vedang kaul

enthalpy & entropy both are the property of system.
enthalpy is the sum of internal energy & flow energy
H = U + PV
entropy is the rate of change of heat.

S = dQ/T

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1.Difference between enthalpy & entropy?..

Answer / muhammad ayub raees

entropy is sum of all kinds of energies in system.while if
these type of enegy change into heat it is called enthalpy

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