what is the function of Turbo Charger in DG Engine.

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what is the function of Turbo Charger in DG Engine...

Answer / pankaj parmar

ctually the main purpose of the turbocharger is to crease
the density of air entering the engine to create more
power...This access amout of air makes the mixture rich of
oxygen and this is much favourable need for complete
combustion of fuel.
Turbo chargre is nothing but a radial fan driven by the
energy of exhaust gases of an engine...
Now the question is how the exhaust gases act on turbo
Simple there is a turbine and compressor arrangement on the
same shaft.The exhaust gases act on turbine which creates
energy due to this the compresser works and finally the
compressed air(high density air) enters the engine....

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what is the function of Turbo Charger in DG Engine...

Answer / chaitanya pithawa

the main function of the turbo charger is to utilise the
energy from the exhuast gases coming out from the engine.
It is not necessary that we drive compressor with
turbocharger,use of compressor is for increasing the density
of the air so the higher the air will used,so the higher the
oxygen will be utilised,so we will get higher energy from
the combustion.

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what is the function of Turbo Charger in DG Engine...

Answer / kuldeep kathpal

in DG turbo charger acts as as exhaut fan. because the
gases coming out of the DG drives or rotates the shaft of
turbo charger and that shaft is furthur connected to the
shaft of compressor. So on the compressor throw out the
gases and smoke of DG with high speed. RPM of a turbo
chargers are 80000.

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what is the function of Turbo Charger in DG Engine...

Answer / rizwan ali

turbo charger is used to increase the rate of fuel flow in
to the combustion chamber and with high fuel will sprayed
properly n more thats why when torbo charger is engaged
engine use the more fuel in the result we got the increase

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