Business Management Interview Questions
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what is the difference between issuing house and investment bank

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What is Procedure to remitt provident fund and Employees State Insurance ? When and where to remitt? mention in detail.


what are the different strategies that are used for recruitment in the current trend and practically thinking why are they demanding experience at the entry level and how can they get experience as soon as the course is over ? What would be the expectation from the employers side in case of fresher or could not get an experience in the specific area?


Why are the employers not disclosing the results or the defects of the specific candidate soon after Interviewing process? Is There any complication which will arise in mentioning the details or to keep them confidential?


what do you mean by Procurement?

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India has the world's largest deposit of a. Copper b. mica c. silver d. gold

MICA, College School Exams Tests, Advik, Postal Assistant Exam,

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Who is the Author of"Small is Beautiful"

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What are u looking for MBA program

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IIPM, Sela Technology,

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what happend to the DLF co. during recession why the slow down in it's share and comapny also?



What should be the percent of basic salary out of gross salary? what should be the Hra & other incentives percent? How gratuity is calculated?

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profit centres


Hi to all , I had a quirey regarding my experience. I had done my MBA in Hr and working as an personnel executive for last four years off rolls in a manufacturing unit .... now i got a oppurtunity for a central government company on regular basis and i need to attend the final interview. My problem is that some of my friends are saying i need to have a EPF number compulsory to prove that i am experienced and mere experience certificate given by employer is not enough ,, is it true. Cant i get in to job on this consolidated job experience ,,, is it that a EPF number is compulsory to prove that i had worked in a large organisation. plz rely to

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Are you ready for T-mobile G-slate?


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explain about yourself with your streangth and weakness. and also tell me why do you want to do mba?


What are the techniques you used to handle procrastination?


give examples of opportunity cost as u experienced it? i.e from real life


why do u choose MBA after B.Sc.


what should be the components of a fair policy with regard to collecting, maintaining, and dissemination information about employees?


I have done MBA in HR but now i have 1 year exp of marketing. how can i justify the same in HR interview.


Is wheather system administration is related to human resource . what is meant by HRIS, because in my current company i am working as system administor, but my job titile refers me as HR management and admin specialist. i need a clear clarity because i completed my MSW in "HRM".. i am really in a confused state


please send me ubi model papers to my email idsssss , thankuuuuuuu


hi frnds,i'm srinivasa murthy.i've been selected for the interview by karnataka bank(clerical post).will u pls help me with some sample questions that will b asked in the interview? mail to or if u have free SMSs, message me to 9008874244.thank u a lot.


Tell us about a time when you failed to meet a deadline. What were the repercussions?


If you face any problem in your current organization then mention it and also mention how would you solve the problem and benefit the company? (Describe it below in 300 words).


For exanple If i transfer money from ICICI to SBI, where is suspense account created? Explain the money transfer process?


what do u mean by pay to click


what is your strength and weakness?


how much sap is necessery in hr?