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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is ISF

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what bridge circuit is used in Tandelta circuit

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can i use ups power as a raw power for another ups


what is the different ratings of ACB/VCB/SF6 which is used at HT side


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what is the voltage rating of chiller unit sensors



How many types of interlocking use in screw type air compressor,make-Kaser(BSD MODEL)?

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to calculate voltage drop of cable which current we consider that means full load current or panel size?

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why ups rating in kva? and why ups are in parellel?.why isolation transformer is used in ups?


why ups in kva ratings?

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why transmission voltage is 230kv and not 220kv which is a multiple of 11

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I know during Surge Impedance Loading maximum power is transferred through a transmission line and also Sending end voltage becomes equal to Receiving end voltage i.e Vs=Vr so my question is if both end voltages are equal then how current travels in such line hence how power is transmitted because flow of current needs Potential difference??


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Why overhead transmission line in triangular shape?

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Why is better to have a minimum ceiling voltage of 250% than 160%?


Stepwise process of Northern grid failure in 2012!? (dont copy paste from wikipedia)

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For a 6.6kV Motor it is recommended to do megger test with 500 V d.c and not more than 5kV d.c but the Hi voltage withstand test should be performed by 12kV AC. Why the dc voltage test should be limited but AC voltage withstand test could be with such a high voltage?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Can XLPE/SWB/PVC (P3) 7C X 2.5mm2 be replaced by Can XLPE/SWB/PVC (P2) 7C X 2.5mm2??? P3 vs P2


I am getting above 60 V as open delta voltage against single phase unit ICT at tertiary delta formed and ICT getting trippped on NDR. ICT tested and found in order. PTs provided on tertiary are tested and in order. what may be the reason?


how to find Harmonics and types as per the equipemnts


how braking & making capacity of circuit breaker are calculated?


100 MVA 3-phase alternator with earthed neutral has a reactance of 5 ohms per phase. what will be the fault MVA of generator.


how to setting voltage RTCC panel


Where can i get practical knowledge of solar system?


how can i find ct ratio of meter by seeing name plate of meter and how it should be used in MF calculation if it shows only-/1???


The series field winding has low resistance while the shunt field winding has high resistance. Why?


standard earthing rating for power line..


How does zener phenomenon differ from avalanche breakdown?


what is auto re-closer?


What is power distribution criteria for converting single phase unbalanced residential load to 3 phase star connected balance system. Does total KW converted to 3 Phase. Means Divided by root 3.


What is expention fastener (Fan)


i have attended the interview on 4th June,08 at Kolkata in IOCL, can anybody tell me what is its result