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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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what is the principle of synchronous motors?

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what are advantage and disadvantage of hvdc transmission . please tell us technic of hvdc technology

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What is the application of Nitrogen Injection system in Transformer Protection?


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what is T P N bus bar

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examples of resistive inductive and capacitive load

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Explain What will happen when direction of field current is changed (i.e, field excitation is reversed) in the following machines? 1) Alternator 2) Synchronous Motor 3) D.C Generator ( Shunt or Seies ) 4) D.C Motor ( Shunt or Seies )

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what is mean by hvdc transmission technology .what is principle of hvdc transmission and technic of hvddc transmission .

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what is the prinsiple of dc motor and construction and working ,application of dc motor.


what is the relation between the leading pf and supply voltage?

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What is the major differences between RCCB & ELCB? If we use ELCB of less sensitivity why does it trip often and can we control it from tripping?

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In ac circuit R,L,C are connected in series what is the output the circuit? explain

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string efficient is 100% what is the voltage across the each disk?

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( Re: WHAT SHOULD BE THE RATING OF MCCB FOR 415V,3Ph,50KVAR CAPACITOR BANK Answer # 1 The capacitor current would be kvar x 1000 / (415 x sqrt3). This would be 70a approx. The MCCB selected should have *atleast 1.4 times this current i.e. 1.4 x 70= 98. So you should choose at least 100 A mccb.) regarding to this answer,i would like to know why the current have to times 1.4 to get the right amphere for the mccb.hows the formula to get the 1.4??tq

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Shall I use 40A semiconductor Fuses in 32 A SFU ? Frame size is same. What Happen if Fuses burn on SFU?


What is the starting current of a DC Motor?

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How can eliminate noise problem inside temperature controller temp. variation due to contactor chattering problem.


1.what is the difference between transformer differential and busbar differential.2)why we are using 2 slope for trafo diif and 1 slope for busbar diff.3)what is the purpose of metrosil and stabilizing resistor in high impedance relay circuit.4)how metrosil reduce the peak volage.5)what is the funtion of stabilizing resistor


can a 150 kva 3 phase 440v/230V delta-wye step down transformer can be use as step up transfoermer with connected loads at 440v side?


Why does the Solid state Rectifiers for 3-ph brake motors sometimes have 2 & sometimes 3 output terminals?


how to interlock 3 nos MCCBs using under voltage coil. please provide me circuit diagram?


What are the causes for the failures of sandwich type (Al) busducts?


What are the special cables required for explosion proof wiring?


What Normal(Tangent) towers and Tension(Cut-point) Towers?


what is the advantages og idmt relay over magnetic relay??


What types of high speed CMOS circuits have you designed?


iam using DM 3251 voltmeter(1 percent accuracy)for 11KV system PT ratio is 11KV/110V.can anybody explain what is the max and min voltage deviation.


How many types are using in 220kv/400 kv swith yard


why ht cable end termination don't have a gland?


How to calculate the time setting for star connection in star delta starter? For example 10KW 3PH Induction motor.


working principle of oil startar