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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Wat is power factor exact meaning in terms of technical terms plz explain ?

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why we decide alternating wave form in ac system and not in dc system


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Why there is a current in neutral line


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HOW can i REuse the fused MLL LAMPS & GLS LAMPS at our factory


What is phase in electrical engineering?

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1- XC and the RC time constant are both measures of the reaction of C to a change in ____? 2-The power factor is a numerical ratio with a value between 0 and 1 equal to the ______________ of the phase angle. 3-When V and I are out of phase because of reactance, the product of V times I is called ______________ power 4-For _____________ inductors, the branch currents can be added algebraically. 5- The ______________ power in watts can be calculated as I^2R 6-Calculate XL with L = 30mH and f = 1kHz ( I have Xl=2piFL 2*3.141592653*1kHz*30mH =188 ohms Please check) 7-A parallel RL circuit has the values, R = 5kohms, XL = 5kohms. A voltage source of Vt = 10Vrms is connected in parallel to R and L. Determine the total current, It delivered by the voltage source Vt. 8-A series RC circuit has R = 1Mohm and C = 1microF. How long would it take for the capacitor to fully discharge if it is initially fully charged? 9-A circuit has real power = 300W and an apparent power of 500VA. Determine the power factor and phase angle. 10-The time constant for an LR series circuit is T = 0.1s and R = 10ohms. Calculate the inductance L.


How much difference can there be between HT & LT KWH unit consumption at the same load?


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What are the test involved in DG auto synchronizing panel before in manufacturing place before dispatch.


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sometime battery charged and then automatically charged when rectifier ON conition, is there any chances please clarify the same.

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sometime battery charged and then automatically charged when rectifier ON conition, is there any chances please clarify the same.


Hello sir, pls send me hpcl technical test papers .i am. Appearing for the exam.



Hello sir i m student of gtu .what is idp.


what is doid


Can you please explain creepage distance in detail, for a 6.6kV cable head what must the distance be and how do you determine it?

Prism Cement,


How to PLC give the command to electrical

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power transmission pole used one support , that only for support or earthing


what is the formula for calculating the phase clerance between two phases and phase to earth how to calculate the cable for a motor


what is advertised hop count


excitation limit of an excitor


Can any one give an explanation about rating factors of cable? if we are laying the cable on the air with an temp 15 degree then rating factors will be 1.15 and if we are laying the cable on the air an temp 60 degree then rating factor will be 0.76 please describe it and what is the difference between rating factor and derating factor?


Why does curving the pole faces in a dc machine contributes to a smoother dc output voltage from it?


what is the difference between gas group b and gas group c electrical equipment construction wise?


What is difference between start imitation and start interlock for 3 phase motor protection ?


how to convert lv line to hv line and viseversa, any losses will occur during this process


what is mind in cable


Does the motor power displayed on the Motor name plate is the mechnical power motor delivers or it is consumed power from the system?


Can we Co-ordinate relay in Load Break switch?


Explain about retrofitting of machine tool.


how to prepare the technical test


Why reactors use before incoming of ac vvfd drive?