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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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If the neutral wire go pass through the core balance current transformer? If yes then why? and no then why?

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What is the difference between power cable and signal cable (only Observation Difference)?

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why 3phase is 440v but where as we get phase voltage 220v,we have to get 220*3=660v.can u pleas give in detailed

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374kvar capacitor bank connected across 600kw,6.6kv motor.what will happen if motor run at 50% , whether full kvar applied or half?


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why reactive power control is required

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In Slip ring Induction Motor we use Liquid Rotor Starter for Starter Every Time Liquid Filling we need add Soda Sodium Carbonate or only Distilled water is Enough.

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Our Slip Ring Induction Motor Frequently tripped By Earth Fault While Starting time and in Normal Operation Time also Kindly Let me Know the Reason. Application Ball Mill - Cement Mill

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What is the basic difference between AVR and stabilizer?

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which capacity of RCCB used for five thousand watt electricity load?


Is it advantages of having star-delta vfd than normal star vfd , if yes why?


what is the principle of operation of tungstun bulb ??


what is the principle of operation of CFL ??



what is the principle of operation of tungstun bulb ??


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what is the principle of operation of domestic fan?? what is the role of capacitor in it??

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what is the principle of tubelight ??? what is the function of starter and choke ???

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What is the real function of reverse power relay in generator panel while syncronising?


Is there possible to Test Transformer for Overfluxing Capability. Or is there any firm who does Overfluxing Test on Transformer?


Whar is the KvA rating of 33Kv substation & actual kv rating of power generaating station.


What is the need of earthing transformer for delta side of a transformer. (Think of a line section between a star/delta transformer at a grid substation and delta/star transformer at a village. An earthing transformer is there at the delta side of the star/delta transformer at grid substation). As there are no ground reference there will not be fault current if a one phase is grounded. Further L-L phase will be sensed by the primary side of star/delta transformer as a L-G fault. So why an earthing transformer is required at delta side


Dear all: Recently we got a question about Interface between PMS and SAP-PM.once we got a update message from PMS.we should set the deletional flag for functional location in SAP system.Is there any FM or BAPI to use?There are only functional location create and change provided by SAP. Best regards!


how we will deside the high voltage value


2- What are the percentages between excitation currents in phase (R, S and T) in ∆ and Ỵ connections in excitation Current test in transformers?


I want to replace the 3 KW DC motor with AC motor so what should be the rating of AC motor? Details Of DC motor to be changed with AC are - Kw - 3, Vf - 310, If - 0.15, Va - 400, Ia - 13, RPM - 2400


If Polarization index of motor 8.75 at 500volts of medium voltage 4.16 KV motor what this mean winding good or bad pl answer if any reffrence book give me the link


Define phase lag and phase lead?


how to calculate transformer turn primary & secondary side 11kv to 420v


Why efficiency in thermal power plant is low?


what is frequency response?


What products have you designed which have entered high volume production?


why 15 kw motor winding resistance is low then 5 kw motor winding resistance?