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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What do you mean by isolators and circuit breakers?

Bhushan Power Steel,

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explain all the classes with example


how to calculate micom relay earth falt time and current sertting


why DOL starter is use in induction motor as it is not reduce the starting torque

Maruti Suzuki,

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Dsitrubution transformer minimum IR value

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advantage of using 110v than 230v


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3 ph motor connected in star delta starter. when we start the motor it run in star but when in is going in delta it trips the main incoming supply. why?

Bajaj Hindusthan,

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In 63kva LT Distribution Box Why the outgoing of 63A kit kat is connected to 200 A link disconnector? as the output of kit kat is only 63 A?

Godrej, Patel,

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the fuse is use for protection against overcurrent but at normal condition it carry the rated current then how single thin wire carry this current without melting

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why rating of transformer is in kva instead of kw?

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what is inverter


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Dear Sir how much cable size required from 0.75 kw to 50 kw for electric motor or pump

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We are getting supply at33kvand it stepdown to 11kv.So Our requirement is 11kv voltage.why we draw 33kv from the grid instead of 11kv?


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Why transformer ratings in KVA not in KW?


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We store the d.c supply...then why can't we store A.c supply???

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

v/f drive basic princeple


wish of these transformer uses oil?


what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.


what is the difference between circular wdg & ractangular wdg?


Transformer cores are laminated in order to A simplify its construction B minimize eddy current loss C reduce cost D reduce hysterisis loss


The efficiency of a 100kva transformer is 0.98 at full load as well as half load , for this transformer what is the Copper loss at full load ?


what does a string of resistors in a series will do?


I have motor 1500 HP and , 4160 V , 60 HZ , then i need the rating of transformer which can feed that motor ??


Define sensitivity?


Explain the method to keep noises low in a control system?


what is tri state logic gate


What is the efficiency during maximum power transfer?


How does an induction motor start?


Explain marx circuit.


How do you determine the size of transformer radiators in a transformer?