Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is mean by STUB protection?


what is the function of statics switch in ups and tell me parts



which is chemical used as in ro water what is difference betweeen multi grade filter&dual media filter



why trasformer rated in kva why should have to maintain pf in our site 0.9


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which pump used in WTP explain the function of VFD how to dtermine capacitorbank of capacity one plant



whydoes the p.f of diesel generator always be 0.8 explain how will you determine the shortcircuit capacity of network


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what is the difference between DOL starter&star-delta starter& automatic star-delta starter

Dalkia, GSK,

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do you know measure the earth resistance?explain


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how much mininmum length required to conduct a DC Hipot Test on 33kV AC Cable with 45kV DC? Is it 20meter or Less then 20?



3phase 4 wire system is more reliable or 3 phase 3 wire systems?

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what is the clearances between phease to phease & phease to earth in 400 kv transmission line?


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why delta delta connection generally not use in transformer


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What is Goerges phenomina to start SYCHNOUSMOTOR?

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why transformer are not used in D.C SUPPLY

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how to calculate short circuit calculation of the transformer by usuing the percentage impedence? formula needed.


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A mass of 1200g is accelerated at 200 cm/s2by a force. The value of the force required is:(a) 2.4N(b) 2400N(c) 240 kN(d) 0.24N


How can calculate the rating of a alternator for a given specific load with formula


7- What is the Dissipation Factor and the difference between it and Insulation Resistance Test? 8- What is the task (function) of DC and AC reactors in power plant? 9- What is the task (function) of (open delta with earthed) in some types in transformers? 10- What is the base of the selection of the vector group in transformers? 11- What is the zig-zag transformer and its function by drawing in large detail? 12- What is the polarity ? 13- Why we make short between phase(R) in high side and phase (r) in low side in vector group test? Where High Side ( R ,S and T ) and Low Side ( r ,s and t ). 14- What are the time on delay and time off delay? 15- What is the vector group? 15- What is the task (function) of different types of vector group such as Dyn11 , Dd0 , YNd1,……..,?


How to know Resistance and Reactance value of main and aux winding of single phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor to find capacitor value?


What Normal(Tangent) towers and Tension(Cut-point) Towers?


What si the d/f b/w KVA & KWH, kvarh & kvar, kwh & kvar phase voltage & line voltage


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Single line diagram for dbb (double bus bar)system.


i m electrical diploma holder i want to do plc $ Scada some body tell me which insitute is best for me near chandigarh


errection check list for transformer maintenance


explain the types of drives


it is possible to measurement of tension of slipring induction motor(SRIM)carbon brushes, any maesuring instruments are available in the markets.


what is the difference between fault current ant short circuit current?


why steady state stability limit is greater than transient stability limit ? How it can be explained ?


Why it is possible to use PWM with a STATCOM and not with a conventional TCR based SVC