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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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While converting delta into star or star into delta ,the three values of resistances remains unchanged .Find out the value?Let In star R1=x;r2=x;R3=x On converting into delta,R12=x;R23=x;R31=x Find the value of x


if 11 lead acid batteries each 200 amph are connected in series so that combinly they can produce 110 volts dc. question is how much backup it can provide ? 2) how can we calculate that how much amprere and voltage is required to charge them . thanks in advance !

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toughest decision you ever had to make


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why neutral and earth should not be connected on 3 phase 440v/50c/s supply at consumer side. where as on 25kv/ac/50c/s railway traction substation neutral and earth will be connected and track at substation. and track will act as neutral and earth. Reasons for this is needed urgently

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What is effect of harmonic current (Draw by VFD) on power system/ electrical Equipments ?


What is application/Function of Electro chlorinator in Offshore Oil & gas Platform ?

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Who many reason of ignition fail ?


Why Nutral CT rating for Earth Fault Protection of Transformer neutral shall be 20% of Full load Current of Transformer

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what is the difference between 'Control Transformer & Potential/Voltage Transformer'?

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Hi all, please could anybody give me a suggestion about Electrical designs and calculations .. what text book should i follow as i am a trainee engineer and here work going not so favorable to me so please help me friends .. A small discription about my work which is going here is all about Electrical designs like cable sizing, lighting, lightning, Gensets sizing, motor sizing, transformer sizing, generator sizing, circuit breakers, PDB MCC PCC SLDB MLDB panels, Single line diagrams mainly, substation desings, cable routing and layouts, reactive power compensations, power factor improvement, voltage drop calculations, power generations, power transmission, power distributions all calculations i need .. please please if anybody experienced with this problem and got a solution then please help me .. just i need an apt text book for these all calculations and designs ..


Ehat is shunt motor?

L&T, Siemens,

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why do we prefer -48 volt instead of -24volt or -12 volt etc. ??

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suppose a fan is running with phase and neutral. if its neural is touched to body. then fan get stopped. if this fan is connected to phase and ground supply..then why it runs?

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In more then 1 phase bulb will glow are not?if yes then how it will glow?

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why characteristics of overcurrent relay is time-->psm instead of time-->current?



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how to test and calculat the head and discharge in borewell compressor


what happens if earth of 33kv cable is not connected to earthing pits? please send this query's answer to


How PSV sizing being done


what is cogging and crawling


What is the working principle of MIG welding? and its out put Voltage?


how can i find ct ratio of meter by seeing name plate of meter and how it should be used in MF calculation if it shows only-/1???


what is 30-phase of transformer


how to convert lv line to hv line and viseversa, any losses will occur during this process


What is the principal of motor?


What is capacitance?


i need to give section engineer (electrical engineer) for RRB. Please suggest some book


What are the application of filter?


High voltage test procedure of in swgr board. why should measure millivolt drop on testing time?


What is the distance between body earthing and neutral earthing.?


How to detect voltage vector shifting in interconnection protection.