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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the need of black rock stones under the transformer yard?

TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

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What is the name of transformer oil?

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lightning arrester rating selection procedure: (line to line voltage(kV)/(squ.root of 3))*squ.root of 2. now the question is, IS this above formula correct for both STAR and DELTA connected system???

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I have a 25 KVar capacitor bank at my facility.How to check the capacitor bank ??

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When we use a multimeter, while checking continuity of a closed circuit , what is happening inside multimeter, how it is working to produce a beep wheather it is closed or open.. is there any internaly voltage/current source inside multimeter?

TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

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please send me last 5 year interview questions



why are maintine power factor 0.99 in Eb line? why are used capacitor bank in Eb line? what is the purpose capacitor bank?

TNEB Tamil Nadu Electricity Board,

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who & how the notations given as RYB to 3phase power supply.

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clarify types of motor operated valves and advantages


what is phase shifting transformer.

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How to find the voltage drop for short,medium,long transmission lines of a 33kv sub-station?

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can anyone help me regarding bout Electrical designs and calculations .. which text book should i follow as i am a trainee engineer.Description of my work which is Electrical designs like cable sizing, lighting, lightning, Gensets sizing, motor sizing, transformer sizing, generator sizing, circuit breakers, PDB MCC PCC SLDB MLDB panels, Single line diagrams mainly, substation desings, cable routing and layouts, reactive power compensations, power factor improvement, voltage drop calculations, power generations, power transmission, power distributions all calculations.Please help me

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what is electrical machines

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I would like to install the largest KW alternator to a 200 amp aluminum bus box in my home. Is it possible to install a 250 KW 400v 251amp synchronous alternator to my home?

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how to measure genset CT coil range?

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

Actuality I have at home electrical panel with 220v 50hz, and I want to converter from there to 110v 60hz, to wiring on the half of my house. Also I like to keep another half of my house with the original 220v 50hz. What is the best and safety way to do?


what is magnetizing and demagnetizing current in generator and motor?


How to convert 2 phase to 3 phase electricpower in induction moter?


is it possible to say motor horsepower number without seeing name plate(when name plate damaged)


What is the formula for selecting the cabels according to load? How to calculate what cabel to be used?


at meter room 50 hrc switch installed,but there are not get earthing proper,so what happen?and 11kv transformer out put going in to hrc main 400a three nog each? so earthing is require for all switch? (some customer made earthing at there home.)


what is RFCT and Insulgard Relay & It's function?


Which type of motor is used in trains, what is the rating of supply used explain working principal?


Name two low frequency oscillators?


cc of scorpio?


If ROC does not lies inside unit circle,then ? a) Fourier transform converges b) Z transform converges c) Hatly transform converges d) Colpit Transform converges.


In siemens S7-300 PLC, what is function and function block ? What is the difference between them ? When to use function and when to use function block ?


battery capacity use of made?


Which type of air compressor is used now a days in the market. Keeping in mind of energy efficiency and maintenance points. Relevant documents may also be sent on mentioned email ids.


What is the basis for selecting Vk/2 or Vk/4 for REF and Differential protection of Transformer and What is the significance of magnetising current