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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is the functaion of IGBT in UPS system?

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difference between microprocesser and microcontroler


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What is the difference between Floot charge and Trickle Charge.

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what will happen if the input of a transformer is dc?


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when we connect the capacitor banks in series with the circuit?


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Is it necessary to install Lighting Arrester on both side side (i.e HT and LT) of Transformer in a transmission substation? if yes Why on both side?

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which connection is safer series or parallel?usually which connection we prefer at home?

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what is the meaning of neutral displacement ???


what happens if DC earthing and AC earthings are shorted?

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1. which type of transformer connection is preferred in case of power supply transformers? (A) Star/Star (B) Delta/Delta (C) Star/Delta (D) Zig Zag/Star 2. In a power transformer usuall which winding is closer to the core? (A) Primary winding (B) Secondary winding (C) Low Voltage winding (D) High Voltage winding 3. The power factor of a purely inductive load is (A) Zero (B) Lagging (C) Leading (D) Unity.


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What is the permissible value of earth resistance!

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wt wil happen if a 120kv line is grounded

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how desiel generate sart fail of eb?

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What are effect of radio system in DCS Distributed control system ?


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what is role of mpu in dg

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What is the difference between in Fourier series and Fourier Transform. and please tell me the difference between both of them and the why we use them in communication system?


can you send me the placement papers of electrical engg. from companis like NTPC,DRDO,IOCL,HPCL,BPCL etc.?If,plz send as soon as possible.Thanks.


write down the formula of cable size in RM if current is 50Amp.


Electrical Engineering


Inductor and capacitor........power in one phase and ...... in it another phase.


what happen when increase or decrease size of lamp,


What is the difference between circuit breaker and isolator


i have seen one 8.4 MW synchronous motor in a plant located in bellary it is fixed with brushless rotary rectifier ,anybody can explain its start up principle


briefly explain principle of resistance welding


How each of the following losses occur in d.c machines (i) copper (2)core (3) windage (4)friction please help me


how to calculate current carring capacity of cable and cable selection? 1) copper flexible cable 2) copper armoured cable 3) Aluminium cable


how to calculate maximum current


What are two contours of nichols chart?


Which material is used for the core of a transformer and why?


Who are the manufacturer for Nitrogen based Fire Protectio/explosion prevention for Oil Filled Transformers? India and international both?