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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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How to write a progrramme to turn ON and turn OFF a motor with a single push button in AB?

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DG drop how much freqency at 100% load?

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how harmonics generated in induction furnance? how minimise it?


difference between relay and solenoid?

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For RCD (Residual current device) Icu is defined. How i can find Ics for them?


What is the differences in phase to phase voltages between star and delta connections of stator?

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cab we add capacitor bank with generator to improve power factor or not??????

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Why earthing is required for diesel tank?


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Why transformer rating in KVA? and Generator also?

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Pls explan the OLR setting in VCB at HT yard

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Anybody now how to claculate the Bescom power consumption?

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Explain the propagation of harmonics in the network and influence of phase angle of harmonics.


What is surge impedence and surge loading....???

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why neutral wire thin than phase wire in 4pole conductor

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how to convert the KVAR to microfarad??????????????????

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Un-Answered Questions { Electrical Engineering }

How much ph is maintained of water resistance starter for slipring induction motor ?


How DC earth leakage currents can be reduced ?


1 “earthing” for bonding of equipment and circuits to common plant earth electrode potential, 2 “protective earthing (PE)” when this bonding is required for personal safety provisions 3 “grounding” for interference suppressing bonding of screens, sys-tems with ground level 4. low-impedance earthing ? 5.primary earthing system and secondary earthing system what is that? 6.earthing electrode or mesh net earthing electrode ? very confusing , simple but very informative help required ? i will be very very thankful to you guys.


We are designer please help me calculate the size of 11kv cables from step up transformer to M.V panel, total load is 5 mega watt distance 900 feet (used aluminum type cables) please provided formula for calculate the cable with example.


what happend to DC shunt motor if its field winding insulation becomes slightly weak? will that motor can run on full load or not explain in detail. thanks


what about electrical pannel.? What is meant by plc pannel.?


1.What is captive power plant? 2.What is national grid?Give brief idea.


Who are the manufactures those manufacturing 3Cx2.5sqmm FRLS cables. I heard about FRLS technology adopted only in wires useful for wirings


Explain (in simple ) - root mean square. whats its role in electrical fundamandal.where its used


After synchronization with grid what is the demand value QKVAR and how we will maintain that?


What is power relay?


1)Explain why the cradle guard is used on railway crossing in overhead line construction?


working function importance of mdc meter


LET ME NOW MORE ABOUT icu and ics for circuit breaker. how we calculate the rating of circuit breaker and i c u and ics values


We have a distribution transformer of 750KVA/11kv/440v and an AVR (Servo Stabilizer) of 750KVA on the LT side of distribution transformer. Also we have an ACB of 1200A on the output of distribution transformer (that is on the input of AVR). We want to have an MCCB on the output of AVR. What should be the rating?