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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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in case of transformer the power factor is depend on input or the output

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How much DC or AC Current that a Human Body withstand for Electrical Shocks?


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Why insulation layer of a High Voltage cable is more than a current carrying cable?

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How many types Switchgears?

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what is the working principle of induction motor

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i want to estabilish an loss energy storage system,such that it can store electricity lost during the transmission of electricity in conductor,so that this system stores energy lost during transmission and supply it to street lights during night

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armature winding of dc machine produce alternating emf then it convert in to dc by using commutator.But only we consider armature resistance why don't we consider inductive reactane effect?



different between horse power and break horse power

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Why L.T.Cable voltage rating is 1.1kV,where as system voltage is 0.415kV?



what is the difference between RMS meter and normal meter


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what is busbar. how many types of starter.what appartus will be used to improve voltage.what is the function of starter.what is b.h.p.what material is used for earthing.

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can we connect 2.2kw star motor in delta passion?


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what is the different between rms and average value

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all interview questions with answers of ntpc (2000-2009

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what are advantage and disadvantage of zener diode?


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What are the material used for resistor?


When we connect the large capacitor bank in series ?


what is the disadvantages of common earthing for AC and DC equipment? (i am talking about inverter control room and inverter duty transformer earthing is common...?)


state basic meaning of 'INDUSTIAL AUTOMATION'?


What is miller crystal oscillator? Explain its operation?


As you achieve greater success with the company after some years, Will you like to be a share holder in our company?


How much minimum insulation required between 11kv/3.3kv transformer windings?


how we decide wire gauge for ac or dc coil and what is the basic diff. B/w these two coil?


give me atleast four differences between circuit and network


The ripple frequency in output of fullwave bridge rectifier is a. Half the input b. Twice the input c. Same as input


does not the circulating current in a transformer affect the flux distribution in the transformer core


Is there any Electrical supervisor license which gives permit to work whole India rather than individual state??


what are the advantages disadvantages of connecting high voltage block( 1:1 transformers) transformers between the turbo generators and busbars.


Has someone here done a sizing for a generator (3 phase), its for a pumping station. If you have an example for standby/duty and both running (I) star delta (ii) Soft Starter.


please I wont know how to calculate the vector group for power transformer ZNyn11 best regard.