Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is master trip relay? How does it work?

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What is the difference between PLC & DCS?

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What is the instrument to check the rotating diode fuse of alternator in running conditions?


why in dc generator field rheostate kept in maximum position?

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What is Harmonics how it is produced and what is the method to control the same



Why dc voltage used to excite alternator field in stead of ac?

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why voltage rating of transformers are in multiples of 1.1?

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what should be distance between phase to phase in 415v system?


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can we correct the p.f.of ac generator?


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What is the effect of impedance on the heat losses in case of AC system??? Does heat losses really depends on the impedance or depends only on resistive component only..??

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In a poly phase circuit if clamp on meter shows same load on three phases and their sum on neutral then why we use three and a half core cable or maximum the same size of core as that of phase?

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how to determine kilowatts (real power) is used in energy meter? is it apparent power effect the disk rotation?

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When will you multiply and devide with derating factors to the actual value while sizing the cable?


why we are used armed coble for wiring of 3phase motor?


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how to improve my communication skills

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If Neutral Grounding Resistor (GR) failed/shorted. Is it repairable.


what the principle of sincroscope?how it works?when it needed?


battery capacity use of made?


if we install two earth pits with a clear space of 5m without any interconnection,by checking the digital multimeter will it show continuity between earth pits? If so what would be the approx. value


How it can worked plc based electrical system And which type of software using.


why we use two slope(differential & restraining) in differential relay.but in busbar protection differential we are using only one slope?please explain


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What difference between ref protection and differential protection ?


how define the torque in ac drive. from electrical side in the drive friquency ,voltage and current three factor is there.


Why reactive power is needed in a power system? How is it being absorbed or delivered by alternators? For reactive power control we are changing excitation but reactive power absorbing or delivering related to stator. How these two are interlinked? i want a detailed explanation with necessary expressions and figures?


what is auto re-closer?


How to test REF relay testing for LV panel as per Kahramaa standard?


The knee point of a current transformer is normally unique and known.So why in the nameplate of a CT they put the minimum value like this Vk> 400v.


What is the procedure/activities to be taken to inject the current more than 2000A by using 2000A Loading Transformer?


What si the d/f b/w KVA & KWH, kvarh & kvar, kwh & kvar phase voltage & line voltage