Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is master trip relay? How does it work?

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What is the difference between PLC & DCS?

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What is the instrument to check the rotating diode fuse of alternator in running conditions?


why in dc generator field rheostate kept in maximum position?

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What is Harmonics how it is produced and what is the method to control the same



Why dc voltage used to excite alternator field in stead of ac?

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why voltage rating of transformers are in multiples of 1.1?

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what should be distance between phase to phase in 415v system?


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can we correct the p.f.of ac generator?


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What is the effect of impedance on the heat losses in case of AC system??? Does heat losses really depends on the impedance or depends only on resistive component only..??

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In a poly phase circuit if clamp on meter shows same load on three phases and their sum on neutral then why we use three and a half core cable or maximum the same size of core as that of phase?

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how to determine kilowatts (real power) is used in energy meter? is it apparent power effect the disk rotation?

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When will you multiply and devide with derating factors to the actual value while sizing the cable?


why we are used armed coble for wiring of 3phase motor?


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how to improve my communication skills

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how to calculate cable size in diffrent loads?


What should be the voltage between Neutral and Ground in secondary side of the step down transformer (230 V to 110 V) with no load condition?


what is the size of ht cable of 33kv ht line and transformers ratings are 1 Mva and 5mva.please send formula also.


what is is the potential diffrence between two phase ?


what is the difference between switchgear and circuit breakers and is there any difference between outdoor and indoor switchgear and circuit breakers , and how would you differentiate between switch yard and substation and grid station . thanks


what happen if the supply is given to the stator of the 3phase induction motor with out assembling the rotor ?


if the armature current in a dc generator is ac ( sinusoidal ) why doesnt the sjhape af armature mmf a sinusoidal (ni) ? armature mmf in case of a dc machine is triangular.


Briefly define and explain the following different types of Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM) with some examples. i) 2-PAM ii) 4-PAM iii) 8-PAM iv) 16-PAM v) Quadrature Amplitude Modulation (QAM)


how to calculate the surge level of surge suppressors related to the SF6 cicuit breakers?


why we use two slope(differential & restraining) in differential relay.but in busbar protection differential we are using only one slope?please explain


Is there any problem about which the drive (inverter) doesn't show/display the alarm and/or fault but instead of this , it doesn't work ? I want to know that could there be any kind of problem in the drive when the drive doesn't display the alarm and/or fault ?


Explain the following and how these are working with PLC Unit 1 I/O Module Card 2 Adaptor Card 3 Ribbon Adaptor 4 I/O bus 5 I/O Devices


I have a small system with two motors that are running on 380 vac, 60 hz. These motors are expensive and I usally get them from Brazil. I am adding another motor to the system, but I want to purchase a 480 vac, 60 hz motor to use. It will be on a VFD that is rated fro 380 thru 480. Is this posible and will I have to use a larger motor and derate it?


How to calculate no of Lighning arrestors are required for protecting 50mX 50m*20m cubical building and locations of LA?


what is the physical connection of a analog i/p to a analog i/p module (ab plc)and through a analog o/p module(ab plc) to a analog o/p . and how all the process control by scada