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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is short circuit analysis of electrical networks?What are the procedures to be followed for its calculation?


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how the arcing is made in ac electric arc furnace? ( between the three electrodes in any sequences or between the electrode & the charge(steel))

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What is Phasing out test?

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Why we have short circuit the secondary of the transformer

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what is high voltage in india?


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1)what is the function of a frequency inverter? 2)If a few frequency inverter are connected onto a device network,what are the two setting that will ensure the frequency inverter work properly on the network. 3)whats is the name of the input sensor for weigher? 4)How to confirm that the load cellis faulty? 5)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the weigher is working properly? 6)Describe the procedure to validate the flowmeter accuracy? 7)Describe briefly the steps to validate that the tempreture sensor/transformer is working properly. 8)what is the adjustment that need to be done when you are calibrating the temperature transmitter ? 9)what are the safety measures to be taken before disconnecting motor for rewinding. 10)whats is the synchronous speed in rpm of typical 4pole 50hz motor? 11)whats is the formula for kw, ohm's law 12)if a 3phase motor is rated 3kw,415vac,what is it's rated ampere?


how can we know the size of cable cross-section from current rating ?

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starting torque is increased and current is decreased by using external resistance in a slip ring induction motor. How??

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what the effect will occur if we increase the airgap in induction motor

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how can we select the type of wire.what factors we have to look on it , do we have some formula to calculate it. please guide me on it


what's the outstanding feature of universal motor?


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what will happen if phases are not shorted with neutral in transformer impedance test? and if neutral is not connected with ground?

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Three phase alternators are connected in star connection why?


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can u light up bulb with out useing neutral

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How can we findout the maximum efficiancy of Transformer? At which load?

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v/f drive basic princeple


Assuming that a dedicated neutral earthing transformer is provided for each GT generator, when the two generators are running in parallel, has consideration been given that the earth fault current from one generator stator winding be split between the two neutral earthing transformers? If so, what adverse impact will this have on the operation of the 59N and 27TN devices?


What is meant by load angle of an alternator? Upon what factors does the load angle depend?


how define the torque in ac drive. from electrical side in the drive friquency ,voltage and current three factor is there.


What is electrical cable termination


Single line diagrams for star to delta and DOL starters.


we have two generators different capacity on 15 MW and other 6MW at 11 KV , 15 MW gen. bus short level current 40KA,and 6MW short level current 25KA,, length of cable 100MTR between 6 MW from 15MW gen. for bus coupling . kindly tell any one can we use both NGR OR one NGR from any GEN. BOTH NGR has diff. rating. Tariq pakistan


what is the step by step formula for calculating bus bar phase and neutral size of a panel board.suppose the incomer of panel board is 100A..???step by step answer please


What is safety of Ht panel


Why two phase welding machine is used instead of three phase welding machine.


Which types of gate insttaled in static switch. Please give me answer.


what is the principle of operation of CFL ??


hi, i have 3x200KVA and 2 x 80KVA UPS with battery bank of 150AH 68Nos. and 100AH 204Nos., i need to install AC either ductable or PAC type, so can you help me to calculate heat load and capacity of the AC to install.


hi , i have 150 kw loud and we need 50 m cabil,i want to know wich size cabil we use. thanks


what is a pulse transformer? how rise time of pulse changes when ever the voltage changes?