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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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why we are using starter

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ELECTRICAL DRIVES: can a motor load system with passive load torque can have equilibrium speed in second quadrant


Why we use stones in switchyard?

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what is the diffrence between current transformer and voltage trasformer

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why generaotr rating is in kva and dc motor in kw?

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When generator connected, the circuit ELCB exploded. What is the reson?

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what is the difference between current voltage transformer and current transformer and where it is used?

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what is the formula to calculate voltage drop/loss on 66KV Transmission Line?


What is a circuit breaker contact multiplier relay?

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what is the cause of voltage dipp or swell in the transmission lines?


Whether it is possible to measure energy at the input of rectifier transformer (12 pulse with very high odd harmonics)


why plc need seprate earthing?

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What is the purpose of earthing Truck ? How does it work for busbar and cables?

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If I want to lift the water at a height 50m from ground level through two inch(diameter) metal pipe then what is the capacity of motor pump is required? is it possible in single phase supply or not?


what is the difference between thyristor & IGBT?

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Briefly describe your ideal job?


how balanced in star delta connection ?


What is inrush current?


What was the Dg set radiator and lube oil temperatures trip in ACB


What is the current carrying capacity of 0SWG,3SWG,10 & 12 SWG solid bare overhead copper conductors?


why we use circuit breakers for switching instead of normal switching device?


how we find transformer capacity by ohm


Why the standard of ambient teperature mentioned as 40 degree celcius in machines.


what is the synchronous timer ? and it applications.


one split ac how can told of this ac which Tr tell me us


armature is that part in which current is induced since in dc motor we supply current to the conductor so why we call it armature?


what is the relation between knowing of the distance between power transformer and the capacitor feeder in case of parallel operation


oil cooled transformer


how we decide scurt (disc) of insulator with respect to kv rating


What is the maximum breakdown voltage of 11KVA and 66 KVA power line and how it is calculated?