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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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When we giving the 3 phase supply to ups system how to coming netural?

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What is Meant by Load factor in Power plant?

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what is the std. earthing resistance for 440V system or m/c, 33000/440 Volt substation? What is the std.?

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what is the difference between gsm and cdma??

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What is the difference b/w chock and ballast?


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SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) unit is denoted by KW or KVA?

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what is the difference b/c choke and ballast?

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what is the functioning of cvt in a substation?

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LET ME NOW MORE ABOUT icu and ics for circuit breaker. how we calculate the rating of circuit breaker and i c u and ics values


can we check the resistance of earthing electrode while it is connected with the neutral of UPS system

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what do you mean by linear and bilateral network?

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How to calculate meter constant in HT yard pls give me example for this issue

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how induction motor starts?


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In Round type three phase transformer why the LV side is inner part and HV outer part in the design of transformer? why they cant be opposite?

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What is relation bet kvar & microfarad

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what is earth fault relay 64T, why it is used in main Incomer and neutral CT of Transformer.


can anybody send the rrb chennai &rrb bopal question papers of 2006&2007.My exam is on 12 oct 2008.Its urgent


Compare jfet’s and mosfet’s.


what is the illumination level required for child play area?


all interview questions with answers of ntpc (2000-2009


i need some project topics along with circuit diagram in the electrical adnd electronics engg and also give ome website regarding mail id is .please help me.


What is signal flow graph?


Anybody tell me about modbus hex address of l&t trivector meter er300p??I want to read voltage,current,kwh etc via rs485...If anybody have a manual then send on my mail..Brijeshmodi18@gmail.Com


Differentiate between digital phase converter and ordinary phase converter.


What is dc current source? Differentiate between ideal and non ideal current sources?


how open delta PT works & what is its construction?


What’s electric traction?


I am an American living in Vietnam and I have recently gotten a refrigerator from Japan and it is rated for 100 vac, but the power here is 220 so I bought a voltage stabilizer it has a 1 kva output rating. Can you please tell me what the amperage is? I'm confused and without a working fridge.


hello friend i wish to study a course related to the electrical construction, controlling and monitoring , which course i want to study? pls give me the name of institute?


can I improve the furnace power factor (10 mva transformer) by adding a capacitor bank before the transformer.Does system power factor vary a lot with the furnace PF?