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In Round type three phase transformer why the LV side is
inner part and HV outer part in the design of transformer?
why they cant be opposite?

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In Round type three phase transformer why the LV side is inner part and HV outer part in the desig..

Answer / pratik panchal

HV coil needs denser insulation.
If it is placed between core & LV coil (i.e HV inside and
LV outside), both the sides will require denser insulation.
Hence, if it is placed outside (i.e. HV outside and LV
inside), only its inne side will require denser insulation
to isolate it from LV.

Pratik Panchal

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In Round type three phase transformer why the LV side is inner part and HV outer part in the desig..

Answer / ln sahu

LV Winding is always wound in nearest to the core,if suppose
HV Winding is wound inner side and LV Winding is outer side it will be result that more insulation is required .it means
it increases extra cost of insulation,volume of tank & overall
weight of transformer & also initial cost of transformer.

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