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what is the difference b/c choke and ballast?

what is the difference b/c choke and ballast?..

Answer / k.prakashchandra

Both are same.Ballast is of higher capacity and has voltage taps

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please tell me formula of 3 phase induction motor under condition{1]when we 3 phase motor starts without load in star or delta connection?thanks

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why capacitor using the induction motor?

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what is a,b,c,d checks diesel generator?

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One of the advantages of HRC fuse links is that they can be used to back up equipment with an inadequate rupture rating. briefly discuss what this means

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my project load is 6 MW so please suggest the size of cable.. ALU 3c 400 aqmm cable can be sufficient.. is there any thumb rule for calculation of cable size please help me

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where this neutral connection goes after returning from the load(home ,factory,industries).Is it grounded at the transformer side or atthe generator side .If it is grounded then we also ground the earth there any problem with this.

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what will hapen if secodery circuit is open of current transformer WHy neutral to ground trips when neutral touches the ground

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in electric lamp what is ballast. y its needed to start & stop lamp. what is ballast ckt.

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Whats meant by trivector meter where it is connected at the substation?

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