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Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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how instantanious short circuit current is calculated ? its formula.

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sir, my question is that if we start any three phase induction motor with star connection.will be current taken ? please send a formula.


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i have a roll dia aprox.43 inches and gear box ratio is my question is how was decide the kw rating of motor.

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How do you convert the lt amps on a transformer to the ht amps?

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Which UPS (inverter) is better and why ? 12 V inverter and 24 V (two 12 V batteries in series) inverter which is better ......... which has the longer backup which has the greater charging time which has the greater discharging time thank you

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why dont we connect the two 12 V DC batteries in parallel, for an inverter (UPS)? is there any harm ?

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How one can check the MAIN of a house wiring ?


1 Ton = ? amperes & power. How much power 1.5 TON split AC consumes in an hour at 17 C , 26 C & 28 C (thermostat' temperature).

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What is the Different b\w Circuit Breaker & Isolater

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Can I use measuring current transformers in protection purposes?

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how to determine the cable size...pls explain me with the formula taking particular load....does the factors like impedance & short circuit rating influence the cable size, if so how....


Can CT Secondary left open circuited and why(reason)?

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When capacitor bank connect on line. It's draw some current but it's current not increase of main line ammeter. Why?

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how to set time from star to delta starter

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what is the string efficiency


why is control bus bi-directional?


need to make a report. Need to choose a 3phase induction motor. Load conditions motor will operate in : Maximum Load: 30 Kw Speed: 2950 rpm Ambient temp: 20 cent Supply voltage: 440V Frequency: 50Hz need to look for the safety factor when choosing the motor, went through catalouge found a few, but dont know how to choose the safety factor allowing an extra load something above 30 KW to avoid any harm.


Enlist four components of electrive drives.


Can you please explain creepage distance in detail, for a 6.6kV cable head what must the distance be and how do you determine it?


What is the breaking capacity of transformer and how can we calculate the breaking capacity of tranformer


In siemens S7-300 PLC, what is function and function block ? What is the difference between them ? When to use function and when to use function block ?


What is the method of estamating of cable, CB,MCB ?


what is the size of cable for 15kw motor and 85 meter cable length using with vfd


High voltage test procedure of in swgr board. why should measure millivolt drop on testing time?


for 11KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV UG system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter.


Control wiring of a dol starter for forward and backward


How to convert 2 phase to 3 phase electricpower in induction moter?


what is The difference between national electrical code and I.S.Code (electrical) and what is the value of NEC in electrical engineering field


If breaker is undefined position, first step to do.