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Sahara Interview Questions
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You have four 9's and you may use any of the (+, -, /, *) as many times as you like. I want to see a mathematical expression which uses the four 9's to = 100 How many such expressions can you make?

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please guide me to prepare for NIC exam (technical)


1 Ton = ? amperes & power. How much power 1.5 TON split AC consumes in an hour at 17 C , 26 C & 28 C (thermostat' temperature).

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1.What is non moving items 2.what is slow moving items 3.what is fast moving items

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what is meant by bank OD A/c?

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Hi, I am Samrat Saha. I did BCA & MBA ( major HR & minor System). i m 2009 passout. i also did Oracle Apps Core HRMS & SCM( O2C Transaction & setup, OM setup, Po Setup, INV Setup) certification... I Had 9 month experience on HR domain.. now i want to switch in Oracle Apps, as Functionalist.. i need help to get a job.. my email:


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Hello everyone, please help me with the best answer.Actually I have 1 year gap now and during interview I was asked "why do you not want to join your previous organizatio now? Or why did you not try for the job in your previous organizaton?