Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What is K-rated transformer? What is the use of it? What can be the size(pls provide calculation if possible) of K- factor transformer for 550kW,690V motor operating with drive (VFD)?


what is the effect of power factor of machines in starting current


How to calculate total harmonic distortion level(THD) in VFD? and how can we reduce harmonics?



Describe: Energy efficient motors


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How to size a transformer which will supply power to 550kW,690V motor starting with VFD?

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Can any one provide the inspection procedure of MIMIC for VFD panel? Details: If someone wants to have a mimic in the VFD panel what are inputs considered for the mimic(like on,off,trip) whether we are able to add speed variation in the mimic(if so how can we get) and what are the parameters to be checked in the MIMIC during inspection?


TO operate transformers in parallel, vector symbol of the both should be same.If one transformer name plate is not there, how can we conclude that whether the transformer is having the same vector symbol or not?

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what is the diffrence between voltage and current?

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why Line voltage =1.732XPhase voltage what mean by 1.732


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what the purpose of transmited high voltage in over head lines


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how to find impedance , mutual indatnce in transmission lines



what purose of the double circuit transmission line phase of the line phase changed for circuit-1 for Circuit-2 R-Y-B B-Y-R



what the function breaker failure scheme, how is it operated


Transformer TTR test procedure


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Dear Sir, we met a disaster with our 62.5 kva genset, after rewinding we informed by our contract engg that due to return current coming in neutral & impropper earthing this happend. But after all set up & load balance we checked & found again we have about 20 to 32 amp return current on neutral. we have 12 airconditioner + 12 mini fridge on single phase line. Pl suggest any idea to solved this problem

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why do we not use equivalent voltage source in negative sequence equivalent ckt.


what are the things that can cause a three phase motor to crawl?


Hello sir, pls send me hpcl technical test papers .i am. Appearing for the exam.


what is the calculation formula for motor starting torque,running torque, running torque.


What is state space method ? Why its used ? Can it applicable on linear, non-linear, 1st order, higher order, homogeneous, non-homogeneous, open-loop , closed loops , stable & unstable systems ?


what & how to check the lightning arrester


What is the relation between frequency and motor rpm?


What is expention fastener (Fan)


for 11KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV OH system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter. for 33KV UG system what will be typical per KM "R" "L" "C" parameter.


What is minimum permicible value of leackage current for LT Panle when applying voltage up to 3 KV for 5 Minuits?


what is buffer resistance starter.?.What is the working principle and where it is used..?


what is a bus post insulator? explain its application in a substation.


what is V.L.F. testing of power cable? do you know the voltage ratings, like for what rating and size of cable what rating of V.L.F. testing is used?


can anybody send the rrb chennai &rrb bopal question papers of 2006&2007.My exam is on 12 oct 2008.Its urgent


how does a liquid starter reduce the starting currents?