Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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What are difference between earthing switch and earthing truck ? What is the operation philoshopy of earthing truck ? Wht are the component of earthing truck ?


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Befor synchronissation of Generator what test to be carried out.pl.specify with reason.


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What is In (current rating) shown on the MCCB? Is this full load which can withstand by the circuit breaker

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what is mean by marshalling box in transformer?


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how the 6.6KV motor can be used with 11KV?

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What happens if a three phase induction motor is suddenly single-phased while running? Which type of winding connection will be affected?

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please tell 1 ton equal to how many kilo watt?? in some converter software's that is 3.5 kw. is it right?


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for compensate 315mh inductance ,how many capaciance required?



for compensate 315mh inductance ,how many capaciance required?


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what is meant by line voltage and phase voltage in a three phase transformer?

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"What is the difference between voltage and potential differnce?"

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why most of the substations are rated in multiples of 11?

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how one can design armature winding bothh front and back connection

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what is the difference between synchoronous and alternator and induction motor and generator

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How much current flow in no load condition of a motor?

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hi friends ,iam working as genset AVR service engineer in electrical field from past 2 yrs throughout india . i plan to shift in some other job without travelling in same field because i con't travel,i dont know what i do for that so please guide me what job is suited for me,how i can serch the job please anybody helpme iam totally confused


what is the maximum temperature rating of a thhn insulated conductor?


what will be the effect if you were using different brands of outlets?


upto how much low RPM we will run the commercial motor which is run through VFD without any problem occurs in motor.Motor rating Duty is S1 & RPM is 1400.


limitation of conductor height on ground when we consider EMC


th how could we differentiate between armoured copper and armoured aluminium cable what is the basic application? why we prefer the armoured copper as compared to armoured aluminium.


If Neutral Grounding Resistor (GR) failed/shorted. Is it repairable.


How to calculate no of Lighning arrestors are required for protecting 50mX 50m*20m cubical building and locations of LA?


Why the power generated in dams is complex power? Why the generators in dams cannot produce Real power directly (i.e power which has zero reactive part)?


why generator efficiency is more in swinburnes test?


how can calculate resistance box for 15 kw, 6 pole, RV-230, RA-42 motor


How many energy meters can be connected on a 15VA Voltage transformer. please send a calculation sheet.


Why front mounted CT polarities are always towards breaker?


Which cable is use for rtcc control panel


is it possible to start a motor in felid connected to a remote mcc