Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done??


For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me!

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what are different types of excitation in synchronous generator,what is the difference between them

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what is volt drop formula?stm

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how to calculate the size of cable for 100 kva load,?can somebody tell me with a formula


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Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done

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How works the AVR in DG Sets Plz explain??????????

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What is the function of PMG in DG sets & how it works??????????

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I Just want do EHS Certified Certification Distance Course From Govt approved,so can any body provide me details.


why we use to transmit the power in three phases intead of single phase ?

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what is the difference betweem star connected motor & delta connected motor?


What is vector group? What is meant by DYN11?Why is it needed?

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?

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in electrical control panel. how can i choose the cable rating. (example - 11kw motor, 18-25A mpcb}


in control panel, how can i measuring the distance between one bus bar to another bus bar. then now only for bus bar. in mpcb and contactor also. that means one mpcb to another mpcb how much distance? how can i calculate that.



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1) why a dg set shows variation of power factor and load when synchronised with other dgs? 2)Why the load sharing is not become equal in all dgs?. 3)When a dg set will not run on auto start?


what is servo motor and how to work it.


Hi Friend I am used multimeter to measure the voltage between R Phase(SS1) to R Phase(SS2). In SS1 is connected with UPS loads. But I am getting voltage between these 2 R Phases. Please give some idea friend


what is the usage of microcontroller in the panel board?


What is the abbreviation of NGT panel


how we decide scurt (disc) of insulator with respect to kv rating


ratings of lightning arrester


On Which Pressure PRV is operated.


Is a direct shorth ciruit on a branch MCCB in a Low Voltage Switchboard a correct means of tesing the performance for discrimination?


A 1F capacitor is charged to 100V initially. A 1H inductor is connected accros the capacitor througha a switch. The current in the circiut when the switch is closed is____


When a single pase capacitor run motor- run on 230vac and Case(1)run with 8 Mfd 250 vac.capacitor , Case( 2) run with 8 Mfd 400vac capacitor. What is difference between both case regarding power ,efficiency etc?


concept of busbar and load dispatching..?


What is the previous name of Cox's Bazar


i want bhel placement paper for electrical if anybody having pl send to my id kavitha867@myway.com immediately


Pl. share your experience about industrial-electronics repair of machine tool.