Electrical Engineering Interview Questions
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Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done??


For group 1 , 2 whather i have to prepare my technical or general studies etc? and im graduate in ee engg. for wht posts im eligible for? please tell me!

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what are different types of excitation in synchronous generator,what is the difference between them

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what is volt drop formula?stm

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how to calculate the size of cable for 100 kva load,?can somebody tell me with a formula


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Refernce currents are to be generated using refernce cueernts how can this be done

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How works the AVR in DG Sets Plz explain??????????

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What is the function of PMG in DG sets & how it works??????????

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I Just want do EHS Certified Certification Distance Course From Govt approved,so can any body provide me details.


why we use to transmit the power in three phases intead of single phase ?

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what is the difference betweem star connected motor & delta connected motor?


What is vector group? What is meant by DYN11?Why is it needed?

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What it indicates by 25/41MVA on transformer?

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in electrical control panel. how can i choose the cable rating. (example - 11kw motor, 18-25A mpcb}


in control panel, how can i measuring the distance between one bus bar to another bus bar. then now only for bus bar. in mpcb and contactor also. that means one mpcb to another mpcb how much distance? how can i calculate that.



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I just purchased a 4 position cam switch to be used to operate a 3-speed blower motor. The motor is a 10 amp motor and has 3 wires that are used to control speed. The cam switch was rated at 660V 20 amps but when I received it, I noticed that it has AC-15 operational current rating (Ie) of 4/5 amps. If I am reading the label correctly. the 4/5 amps is related to 440v/220V (Ue). Other ratings are AC-3: 5.5A, AC2: 7.5A and AC-4: 1.5A. My questions are 1) Is it safe to use this switch with the motor I have 2) what is the difference between the 20 amp Ith ratting and the Ie operational ratings?


How to set the relay,,??


why ten delta testing is carried out on power transformer


how to find three phase complex power in per unit and MVA?


how can I calculate charging current of cable/overhead conductor? what is roll of voltage in it ?


what is meaning of sympathetic tripping with respect to relays and give the values for current carrying capacities for copper and aluminium cables from 16sq mm to 500sq mm


please send previous exams question papers


what is ATS & RING MAIN UNIT in Distribution System?And its Function.


what is the physical connection of a analog i/p to a analog i/p module (ab plc)and through a analog o/p module(ab plc) to a analog o/p . and how all the process control by scada


What is load boxes ?


why u r living from presentaly working.


How does the phase sequence controller works, how it identifies the phases? confirm working principle




Hi Suppose we have a wye/wye transformer which is grounded at both sides,in this situation, do we have ay ground transformer? in other words, ground transformer can do any thing more (while we have nuetral wire in both sides)? As the last question, what about 3rd harmonic? we have two choices: first using wye/delta transformer + ground transformer and second using wye/wye earthed connection.in the former choice, we dont have 3rd harmoonic at the secondary side but what about Yn/yn conection? do we suffer from 3rd harmonic in the Yn/yn connection?


what are the main faults that occur in stabilizers? How they corrected and resolved ? Types of stabilizers ?